JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols: Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

As the Master Distributor of JEFFCOOL® Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids, Third Coast Chemicals proudly offers a comprehensive product line that includes both Ethylene Glycol Based Fluids and Propylene Glycol Based Fluids—so you can have your product tailored to provide optimal performance for your unique industrial settings.

Our JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids are meticulously formulated to ensure efficient heat transfer, corrosion protection, and optimal performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

Dilutions & Fluid Selection

At Third Coast Chemicals, we understand that selecting the right concentration level for your task is crucial. Our JEFFCOOL® Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids are available in concentrations suitable for specific applications. We provide dedicated support and guidance to help our customers make informed decisions based on various criteria, including

  • Freeze point target & Boiling point target

  • Equipment operating temperature
  • Equipment material – types of metals or plastics

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications
  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) recommendations

  • Fluid compatibility
  • Industrial Vs. Food Grade applications

JEFFCOOL® Coolants/Heat Transfer Fluids

Whether you require a coolant for a heavy-duty stationary engine, an industrial heat transfer fluid, or a specialized product for a food-grade application, JEFFCOOL® has you covered.

JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols: Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

JEFFCOOL Inhibited Glycols & Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

JEFFCOOL® E100 & E100N

Discover the power of JEFFCOOL® E100 and E100N, Inhibited Ethylene Glycol Coolants meticulously formulated and reliably tailored. Engineered to meet rigorous demands, these coolants provide comprehensive protection for metals commonly found in industrial applications.

JEFFCOOL® P150 Inhibited Glycols & Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

JEFFCOOL® P150, HD & P150N

Explore the benefits of JEFFCOOL® P150, HD, and P150N—propylene glycol-based industrial coolants and heat transfer agents. From enhanced corrosion protection to improved heat transfer, these coolants offer versatile solutions so you can find the right balance of performance and longevity for your industrial systems.

JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Glycols & Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids


Uncover the potential of JEFFCOOL® P200, an food-grade coolant designed for applications where contact with food or potable water is possible. Offering protection against corrosion, minimized foaming, and improved heat transfer, JEFFCOOL® P200 is your solution for lowering maintenance costs and achieving optimal performance.

JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols , Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids ISF


Step into the future with JEFFCOOL® ISF-55 and ISF-25—prediluted ISF Propylene Glycol-based heat transfer fluids. Ideal for liquid-cooled computer server systems, such as data centers and server rooms, these products provide long-term protection, high heat transfer rates, and compatibility with elastomers and plastics. Elevate your system’s performance with JEFFCOOL® ISF-55/ISF-25.

EFFCOOL® Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids Cavitation Corrosion

JEFFCOOL® Additive Packages

Enhance the capabilities of JEFFCOOL® coolants with our Additive Packages. From concentrated inhibitor packages for E100 and P150 series to specialized options like SCA and SCA-N, these additives are tailored to extend the useful life of your coolant systems. Explore the versatility and protection offered by JEFFCOOL® Additive Packages.

Enhancing System Performance

Avoiding hard water in JEFFCOOL® coolant solutions is crucial. Hard water, laden with calcium and magnesium ions, may lead to scale deposition in the system and potential precipitation of the inhibitor system. In the presence of hard water, it is advisable to opt for distilled, deionized, or boiler condensate water whenever possible. In cases where a suitable water source is unavailable, consider the convenience of pre-diluted JEFFCOOL® formulas for optimal system performance.

JEFFCOOL® Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids
Proper Fluid Maintenance limits JEFFCOOL® Industrial Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

Fluid Maintenance Technical Support: Sample Test Kits

Third Coast Chemicals provides free analysis and fluid maintenance technical support on initial system charges of JEFFCOOL® products + annual testing to ensure product integrity and analysis at no charge for system maintenance.

Sample test kits are free of charge and available upon request to Third Coast customers who purchase JEFFCOOL® products.

The kits include:

  • Self-addressed shipping box
  • Pre-labeled sample bottle
  • Weather-proof self-adhesive product installation tag

Analyses will be performed free of charge after initial filling and once per year per unit thereafter.

The Third Coast Chemicals Advantage

At Third Coast Chemicals, our committed and experienced international sales and marketing team prioritizes building partnerships that bring value and foster growth for all parties involved, including customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Renowned as a reliable distributor of a wide range of chemicals such as glycols & derivatives, propylene and ethylene glycol co-products, glycol ethers, amines, and more, we have earned a strong reputation. Our global presence and entrepreneurial spirit drive us to consistently expand our product portfolio and establish direct connections between manufacturers and consumers.

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