Overview About Our History

Third Coast Chemicals began its worldwide operations in 2002 as a distributor of propylene glycol products and the JEFFCOOL® brand of inhibited glycols. Over time, we expanded the range of products we offer to include ethylene glycol products, glycol ethers, automotive brake fluids, vegetable oils, and amines among other intermediate chemicals. Our global presence and worldwide operations allow us to directly connect product supply to product consumers. The flexibility in our supply chain and an entrepreneurial spirit allow for a continuous expansion of our product portfolio.

About Our Worldwide Operations

To support our customers, we have assembled a highly professional international sales and supply chain team with representation in the United States and Hong Kong. Located in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, our affiliate’s Pearland, Texas reaction, blending, and packaging facility, is strategically located near petrochemical production facilities and the Port of Houston. Third Coast’s proximity to producers of the products we source for blending and distribution allows us to deliver high-quality products worldwide⁠—efficiently and cost-effectively to our customers.

Our Associations & Memberships

Third Coast is a member of the Alliance of Chemical Distribution meeting ACD Responsible Distribution requirements.

Association Membership

International Organization for Standardization

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Fundamentals of Third Coast Chemicals

Third Coast leadership has identified 35 fundamental behaviors integral to our legacy and success as a company. These behaviors, the “Third Coast Way” or Third Coast Fundamentals, guide us in how we conduct ourselves and our business. They are an acknowledgment of where we came from, who we are now and who we will be come, and are the standards, to which each employee will be held accountable.